Random shorts for your late winter enjoyment, of the reading not the wearing kind.

Random shorts for your late winter enjoyment, of the reading not the wearing kind.

Is this winter ever going to end? The bitter cold has converted the most mundane tasks in life for us arthritic boomers, walking to the car, taking out the recycling, letting out the dog, into life or death adventures. I didn’t know car thermometers were programmed to read this low. I hope the Gen X members of our association have managed to keep their sanity with the cabin fever-infused children they have been serving an involuntary home detention sentence with. The Millenials are, as usual, unfazed, as tavern attendance seems to be unaffected by the weather when it comes to the young.

Anne T. Brennan 1958-2009

Anne T. Brennan

The Young Lawyers Bull Roast for March 1st is the first of two events where all proceeds from the event will be donated to the Anne T. Brennan Memorial Scholarship Fund at Notre Dame Preparatory School. Anne was slated to be Bar President this year until she was stricken with Colon Caner from which she passed five years ago. Her surviving spouse and children created the fund to benefit a deserving student of African-American or Hispanic heritage who is academically qualified to attend Notre Dame Prep, but is unable to afford the tuition. Hopefully, in Anne’s name, we as an association can fund a year of tuition for some young woman. The second event is the very popular Wines Around The World, chaired by attorney Julie Landau, with the assistance of Past President Tirabassi and Executive Council Member Treasurer-in-waiting, Rebecca Fleming. Wines Around The World is scheduled for April 9th at NDP and has been generously sponsored by Anne Brennan’s law firm, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, through managing partner Harry Johnson. I hope all who can attend this event do, and those who cannot attend take the time to donate to Anne’s charity. In death, a person passes from the cognitive being to existing only in the memories of those who are left behind. Discussing, donating and working in the name of Anne’s scholarship keeps her memory fresh and alive in us all who had the pleasure of day in and day out contact with Anne during her too-short lifetime.

I hope each of you can attend our remaining events for the Bar year, the two charity events, and the golf outing set for June 4, 2015 at Rocky Point Golf Course. In an effort to be more inclusive to all skill levels, we will offer a clinic for beginners to participate while the regular tournament is underway. The golf event will conclude with refreshments and a barbeque on the water at Rocky Point. Hope to see each of you there.