News Releases

February 1, 2012 – FREE Wireless Internet at Baltimore County Circuit Court

December 3, 2008

Leadership In Law Awards (BCBA Members Honored: Prof. Byron WarnkenAnne BrennanKatherine Kelly Howard and Hon. Barbara K. Howe)
National Adoption Day Celebrations in Maryland
Chamber Chats Provide Judicial Perspective
Lawyer feels it’s his duty to make a difference

June 13, 2005
Law Day Celebration and Awards

June 13, 2005
Joint Family Law and Professionalism Committees’ Joint Meeting First Annual Professionalism Award

June 9, 2005
Jay D. Miller, Esquire, most deservingly, was awarded the 2005 JUDITH P. RITCHEY Award.

June 30, 2004
BCBA Accepts Law Students as Members

January 15, 2004
BCBA Lawyer Referral Service Receives ABA Certification