President’s Message February

My Resolution

 As a New Year’s baby who can appreciate a good party, my New Year’s resolutions often went by the wayside not long after the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.  To promote the greater good, I intend to attack this year’s resolutions with renewed vigor and will not object if the members of our association hold me to it.

Be it resolved:

In the coming year, Baltimore County Bar Association members of all ages will see tangible benefits from our emphasis on messaging, both in increased event participation and in diversity of participating members.  A broader pool of members will be involved in greater numbers per event. 

The Advocate will remain an online product, but one resembling the better online publications and not something out of early America Online or CompuServe.  I am committed to both a readable and printable Advocate. At first, The Advocate online printed slowly but surely and looked not so good.  Now it is better online (but still not good enough) and doesn’t print.  That is unacceptable result and not satisfactory progress. Members, justifiably, are complaining. I hear you. I don’t like it either. 

The BCBA Executive Council has received numerous requests to return to a printed version, as have other councils whose association newsletters have crossed over into the digital world. Unfortunately, soaring printing and postage expenses prohibit that solution. We are working on developing relationships with traditional print media in an effort to satisfy those who want a printed version as an insert into an existing printed product already in mass circulation.  The exact details of the relationship should be available for general dissemination in the upcoming month (not months).

We ask for your patience while we work through this transition, and that you kindly embrace this new means of communication with an open mind.

As always, we encourage your feedback on how to make The Advocate the best it can be.  Tell us what you think with an email to Your comments will be shared with The Advocate Committee and Executive Council, and you will receive a response. We value your input and your opinion. Thank you for assisting us through these transitions.