New Discovery Procedures in District Court Cases

The Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office is ready to launch a new method for supplying Discovery in the District Court. We are going to start supplying Discovery by electronic transfer beginning on September 2, 2014.

We will be placing all Discovery in an electronic file that will be loaded onto a secure server. Counsel who filed the Discovery request will receive an email that contains a link to the Discovery material. Defense counsel will be able to access the discovery once they have created a user account and password. After counsel has signed in once it will be permanent for any Discovery in any case in the future. Counsel can download the Discovery to their computer, print it, or access it at any time through the internet. There is no charge to defense counsel.

Please make sure the email address where you want Discovery to go is on your Discovery Request or your letterhead.

The State will have access to the delivery system to be able to show to the Court, if necessary, when Discovery was sent and when the Discovery was opened by defense counsel.

This system is permittMSHC_BlueGradientVectored by Maryland Rule 4-262(b) and 4-263(B)(4). It will speed up the time in which Discovery is provided, save the State postage fees and copy paper costs. We have tested the system with some volunteer attorneys and they say it works well.

The State’s Attorney’s Office, of course, welcomes all input to assure that this system is working and working well. If anyone does not have electronic access, please just advise the State’s Attorney’s Office so an alternate method can be accomplished.