Memorial Service Held on November 20, 2014

The Bar Association’s annual memorial service was held on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. in Old Courtroom #5.    The list of honorees was short but loaded with legal talent.  They included James G. Beach, Jr., Claude L. Callegary, Wilbur C. Jensen, Charles E. Kountz, Jr., Joseph J. Wase, and Russell J. White.

 MSHCThe ceremony was presided over by Judges Williams, Cox, and Tirabassi.  Judge Judith Ensor provided a dignified and appropriate invocation.

Attendees included Judge Daniel Friedman of the Court of Special Appeals, Circuit Court Judges Jan Marshall Alexander, Vicki Ballou-Watts, Robert E. Cahill, Jr., Ruth Ann Jakubowski, John J. Nagle, IV, Nancy M. Purpura, H. Patrick Stringer, Jr., and Julie L. Glass.  Also present were District Court Judges Sally C. Chester, Leo Ryan, Jr., retired Judges John F. Fader, II and Charles E. Foos, III, Orphans’ Court Judge Arthur Frank, State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger, Court Clerk Julie Ensor, Court Administrator, Tim Sheridan, former Zoning Commissioner Bill Wiseman, as well as past Bar Presidents, C. Theresa Beck, Stephen Nolan, Louis Weinkam, C. William Clark, and Dana Williams. (Judges Nagle and Tirabassi were also past Bar Association Presidents).

The list of speakers was very impressive.  James G. Beach, III spoke eloquently of his father’s storied legal career both in Maryland and in Florida; and Ellen Callegary gave an emotional account of her father, Claude’s, sixty years of practice and service to our country.  Alexander Hassani then paid tribute to his longtime partner, Wilbur C. Jensen, who was a masterful estate lawyer.  Speaking for Charlie Kountz was Richard Vincent who recalled how much assistance Charlie rendered to those afflicted with substance abuse problems.  Joe Lyons spoke on behalf of Joe Wase, providing comical accounts of the enormous differences between Joe and his spouse, Anne Turnbull, thought they got along “famously.”  Finally, Judge Murphy remembered Russ White as a partner, dear friend and extremely effective litigator.  Judge Murphy, always the “mentalist,” gave detailed accounts of many of Russ’s numerous victories in Court.

Judge Tirabassi gave a heartfelt and reflective response from the Bench remembering all the dignified contributions made to the legal profession by those being remembered.  Finally, Bar President, T. Wray McCurdy, concluded the program with some personal reflections of each of the six being remembered and recalled the level of achievement and credibility possessed by all of them.

Judge Williams adjourned the proceedings at approximately 4:45 p.m.