Maryland Electronic Courts E-Filing News

Preparations are ongoing for the new e-filing system.

Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) will include e-filing, e-service, and paper on demand.  The system is designed as a workflow portal to submit documents to the Court for filing and/or to serve parties.

 When?  MDEC will roll out on a county by county basis starting in the fall of 2014.

 Who must e-file?  Attorneys, self-represented Litigants (SRL) who choose to become registered users, and Judicial Staff.

 What must be e-filed?  A person required to e-file submissions must e-file all submissions that are capable of being converted into electronic format and will generate a legible paper. 

How will attorneys be trained?  Maryland Judiciary is preparing to train attorneys, law firm administrators, paralegals and support staff involved in firm filings. 

Starting in mid-September, webinars and tutorial videos will be made available.  Also in mid-September, hands-on training will be offered, if needed.  This training will focus on the e-filing portal: Attorney Registration/New Case Initiation/Subsequent Filing.  Training material will be posted to assist with filing.

Is there anything else I should know?  Major Rule changes: Rule 20-107 – Electronic signatures;  Rule 20-109 – Electronic access to records;  Rule 20-201 – Requirements for e-filing;  Rule 20-203 – Clerk review of e-filings;  and Rule 20-301 – The electronic record is the official record.

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