Making Waves To Fight Cancer


Undaunted by the cancellation of the Purple Swim, Baltimore County Bar Association members formed a team in memory of the late Judge Anne Brobst to participate in the Swim Across America Open Water Swim Event. Captained by Jennifer Cox, ably assisted by Casey Cox, Team Red Lipstick Racers formed. Many of us recall that one of Judge Brobst’s favorite sayings was “No matter what, put on some lipstick and keep moving forward.”  Some of our swimmers – even some of the males – wore lipstick during the swim to commemorate her motto.

 Judge Kathleen Gallogly Cox joined her daughters and swam a blistering mile in the beautiful waters of the Magothy River. We swam in the Red House Cove directly adjacent to High Tide Farm generously donated by the residents for our use. Team Red Lipstick Racers raised more than $3,600, and the entire event raised close to $500,000. All proceeds go to support the most innovative cancer research in the world at the Swim Across America Lab of the Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.

 Several cancer survivors were present at the event to share how they directly benefited from clinical trials funded by the event. It was a heartwarming yet bittersweet day. Kathleen O’Brien joined the Coxes in their one-mile excursion, and Carl Gold was joined by Gary Mercer, Mandy Skroupa and Courtney Griffith for the three mile swim. Water conditions were perfect with not a jelly fish in sight, and the post-swim food donated by Atlantic Caterers was delicious and bountiful.

 Everyone has someone they care for or love who has been affected by cancer. Swim Across America was founded in 1987 by two friends who were trying to instill hope in all who fight cancer and heighten consciousness about overcoming this frightening diagnosis.

 This was the fifth year for the Baltimore Swim and it grows every year. Our plan is to get you more information earlier next year so that more people can swim with us. If you would like any more information, please contact the Judge Cox or me at (410) 337-5547 or