Judicial Law Clerk

Picture20Law Clerk AllisonAllison ‘Allie’ Mainen was born and raised in Montgomery County, but is no stranger to Baltimore. Every summer as a child, Allie and her older brother would stay with their grandparents in Pikesville and attend the local sports and day camps. Allie and her brother share fond memories of spending many summers in Baltimore having snowballs for an afternoon snack. Allie finally moved to Baltimore in her adult years at the age of 21 to attend the University of Baltimore School of Law, where she graduated from in 2013. Following graduation, Allie took the 2013 July Maryland Bar, passed, and was admitted into the Maryland Bar December 2013.

Allie was very fortunate to obtain a judicial clerkship with the Honorable Julie Glass, whom she originally met when she interned at the Office of State’s Attorney for Baltimore City where Judge Glass was Division Chief of Zone One.

Allie’s love for the law began as child when her and her mother would watch Homicide: Life on the Streets. Allie became not only fascinated with the criminal justice system, but also with Baltimore as well. This influenced Allie’s decision to pursue and receive a double degree in Criminal Justice as well as Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. Allie originally declared her major in Psychology, hoping to become a forensic psychologist. However, after taking an introductory Criminal Justice course and receiving one of the highest grades, she was selected to be a Teacher’s Assistant of the course, her sophomore year, which also encouraged her to pursue a double major. Allie was so passionate about learning the law and psychology she continued her education during the summer and graduated in three and a half years.

Outside of her love for the law, Allie loves learning and actually misses being enrolled in school. With that said, Allie is an avid Jeopardy watcher and watches documentaries on the History Channel.

Allie is very close with her family and loves going to Sunday brunch with her mother and father in downtown Canton.

Allie has truly enjoyed working under Judge Glass and hopes to continue her legal career in Baltimore despite her parents asking her to move back to Montgomery County daily.