Investiture of Julie L. Glass

It was a hot August day in a small, cramped Baltimore City courtroom. Then Assistant State’s Attorney Julie Glass was waiting with a defense attorney and defendant for a jury to return a verdict. The courtroom was stifling and everyone was sweaty and stressed. After a while, Julie excused herself from the courtroom and returned with little Dixie cups of water for all who were present in the courtroom—herself, the defense attorney, court staff, and even the defendant. The defendant had a look of disbelief when he realized the prosecutor had thought to bring him a cup of water. After this small gesture on Julie’s part, the mood in the courtroom lightened as adversaries began to talk, laugh and relate to one another. Those who know Julie will tell you that the above story sums up both Julie the litigator—tough, professional, dedicated—as well as Julie the person—kind, compassionate, and always respectful.

                While Julie’s legal career to date has primarily been in Baltimore City, she is a Baltimore County native. Julie Glass is the daughter of Dr. Sherry and Gerald (more commonly known as Jerry) Glass. Julie grew up around law and the Baltimore County legal community. Julie’s father, Jerry Glass, needs no introduction to the Baltimore County legal community. As most of you already know, he was the first Maryland State Prosecutor and has held a long, distinguished career as a prominent Baltimore County defense attorney. Indeed, it was her father’s lengthy career that ignited a passion for the law and justice within Julie, and his influence that shaped her decision to pursue a career in law.

                Her father remembers that as a child Julie enjoyed coming with him to the office. She liked to sit behind his desk and pretend to write “lawyerly” memos. As she got older she came with him to court. It was at this juncture that she began to think about law as a career.

                Equally influential in Julie’s life has been Julie’s mother, Dr. Sherry Glass. Dr. Glass, a college administrator, instilled in Julie the value of an education and the benefits of hard work. In fact, both mother and daughter inspired each other to further their education as both received doctorates.

                After graduating from Owings Mills High School, Julie briefly attended the University of Delaware before transferring to University of Maryland, College Park. Julie received her B.A. in Criminal Justice in 1994. She earned her J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law. While at the University of Baltimore, Julie distinguished herself by receiving the highest grade in her Criminal Law course.

                Julie began her legal career by serving as a law clerk to the Honorable Judge Joseph P. McCurdy, Jr., of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. It is from Judge McCurdy that Julie learned early on how a judge should conduct himself or herself. Reflecting on lessons she learned from Judge McCurdy, Julie stated,   “Judge McCurdy possessed the finest attributes of a judge—he was intelligent, patient, even-tempered and fair with all who came before him. I hope to model myself after him.” The respect is mutual. During Julie’s investiture ceremony, Judge McCurdy choked up as he watched one of his former law clerks rising to the bench. Judge McCurdy spoke glowingly of Julie’s intelligence, hard-work, humor, and of course, her astute fashion sense!

                Often times the job of a Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorney can feel like an impossible task, however through it all, Julie never lost her sense of optimism or compassion for others. As a zone leader, Julie was known for her “Friday e-mails,” in which she would take stock of the week that was and send an e-mail to her team surveying their wins, losses, and offering encouragement, wisdom and support. In one of her more popular Friday e-mails, Julie penned:

                                Thank you for your service and making my life better. Although everything cannot                                be fixed with Oreo cookies, please know Zone 1 comes together to support each other. We will win some and lose some. Do your best and move forward; there is  always another case. Reinvent yourself; learn from your mistakes. Together we  will continue to change, and the citizens of East Baltimore are safer because of what you do. The worst of days only have 24 hours; use your disappointments as motivation. Quoting Albert Einstein, “The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look and do nothing.” Thank you for doing something.

                However, Julie is not all work and no play. Happily married to Stephen Becker, Julie is the devoted mom of Spencer, 7, and Mackenzie, 5. When court is adjourned, you will find Judge Glass out on the athletic fields, volunteering in her children’s classrooms, or working for charitable causes throughout Baltimore County.