In Memory of Marc B. Noren

Marc Noren, past Chair of the Family and Juvenile Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association, passed away on August 25, 2014. Mr. Noren is survived by his sons Jason and Josh, his brother Steve, his mother and stepfather. Despite respiratory problems that required him to be on oxygen full time, he continued the active practice of family law and fulfilled his responsibilities reviewing foreclosures as an auditor in the Circuit Court of Baltimore City until he passed away.

Since his untimely demise, many of his colleagues at Adelberg, Rudow, Dorf & Hendler have been approached by fellow lawyers, judges, clients, former clients and friends to express their grief and shock at Mr. Noren’s passing. They consistently describe him as a kind and gentle soul who provided help and advice to many litigants, children of litigants and the many lawyers who relied on his expertise and experience as a Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court where he served faithfully for 20 years. He was the “go to” person on practice and procedure, advising not only lawyers, but also judges on the various Rules of Procedure and unwritten customs.

While working full time in the courthouse, Mr. Noren managed to complete his legal education in night school, ultimately graduating with a juris doctor degree. At the same time, he actively helped raise his two sons. He was universally proud of those boys and their accomplishments.

Mr. Noren began contributing – first as an associate and later as a Member – to the success of Adelberg, not only with his work on his own cases but also by helping others with theirs. He was never too busy to help and his advice was sought by all the litigation and business lawyers in the office. He developed a strong reputation as a Best Interests Attorney and was selected by many lawyers in some of the most contentious cases. He loved the work, as shown by his commitment to the practice through his involvement in the Section Council, working on legislation as well as becoming its Chair.

Marc Noren was with Adelberg for slightly less than 20 years and died at age 59. Fellow workers assumed he would be with them much longer and sorely miss their dear colleague and friend.logo square copy