In Chambers with Judge Purpura



I met the Hon. Nancy M. Purpura when I clerked for the Hon. H. Patrick Stringer, with whom she shares chambers. The most prominent memories I have of that experience are of the laughter: that office is a cheerful, though busy, work environment. When Judge Purpura volunteered to do a profile for The Advocate, I was eager to speak with the Judge once again.

 Judge Purpura is the youngest of four siblings, and, among them, the only attorney. Her parents are both Italian and she has extended family still living in Italy. She and her husband, Bill, regularly travel throughout Italy, and though she has not had the opportunity to visit the country with her children, she hopes to do so someday.

 We talked at length about Italian cuisine, the Judge’s favorite. One of the things she likes most about Italian restaurants is that they are often multi-generational business, where children work side-by-side with their parents and family ties are very strong. One of her favorites has a dining area that is located across the alley from the kitchen. She also likes the fact that restaurant menus in the Italian countryside emphasize what foods and wines are locally available and fresh. Her favorite dish (if forced to choose) is zuppe de pesce.

 The Judge has been a Ravens fan for about ten years. She began cultivating her appreciation for football after making a deal with her husband: she would learn about the game, and he would learn about opera! Her favorite player is Torrey Smith, whom she describes as “a Raven, and a Terp, and a really nice guy.”

 Biggest pet peeve: none

 Favorite sports teams: the Ravens and the Terps

 Favorite ice cream flavor: Cherry Garcia

 Favorite type of music: All kinds, except country western

 The station on her car radio: WYPR

 Guilty pleasure: Reality television (specifically, the Real Housewives of Orange County)Zest_QuarterPageAd

 Favorite charity: Itineris Baltimore

 Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird

 Favorite movie: Moonstruck

 Favorite local restaurant: Sotto Sopra

 Favorite travel destination: Italy

 Person she would most like to meet: Eleanor Roosevelt

 Career if not an attorney and judge: Radio talk show host