Family Law Program October 13, 2014

It was Columbus Day, October 13, 2014 when the family laws bar met at 8:30 AM on a holiday morning to wrestle with a fact pattern that swirled witNicholas del Pizzoh marital property issues. There were flying pet monkeys, mansions, novels and vacation homes that were the subject of debate. The layout: the event was held at the American Legion and the room held large circle tables where a Judge and seasoned family law practitioner would steer the direction of the conversation. Each attendee was given a binder which consisted of the fact pattern and a dozen or so cases to assist you in supporting your position for either the wife or husband. Each table was assigned which spouse they would represent. After each table completed a 9-207 form (Marital Property Joint Statement of the Parties) according to the facts provided we discussed the weaknesses and strengths of our case. Once your table’s strategy and argument was developed, the Judges would rotate on a panel to hear the issues and render a decision and explanation for their decision. Questions were asked, feedback from the Judges, moderator and attorneys were given.  Each attendee left feeling more confident to tackle cases that involve self employed spouses, spouses that develop intellectual property ides prior to marriage and earn profits after marriage and how to utilize the footnote section on the Joint Statement. Stay tuned for more upcoming Marital Property workshops. Thank you to all our participants: Judges Jakowbowski, Cox, Hecker, King, Stringer and Attorneys: Sondra M. Douglas, Rebecca Fleming, Sally B. Gold, Richard B. Jacob, Stacy L. Siegel and our moderator Mary R. Sanders.