Attorney Resources … Are You Missing Out?



Take a minute to see what you might be missing on BCBA’s new website. We will provide you with a “virtual tour” item every month, and hope the information makes your practice easier!

Let’s start with the  ATTORNEY RESOURCES tab at the top of the page. There is a drop-down menu which includes the following:

  • Lawyer Referral Information Service. Everything you ever wanted to know about LRIS, but were afraid to ask, including the application to participate.
  • Member Contact Update. If you have relocated, please let us know! We will also put your new contact information in the next issue of The Advocate so colleagues know how to reach you.
  • Committee Information. A sub-link to Committee Reports will give you a list of all Committees and planned programs and events. A sub-link to Committee Interest will take you to a form to join any Committee.
  • IOLTA Honor Roll Banks. Make sure your accounts are with a financial institution on this list, which funds Maryland Legal Services Corporation who distributes grants to non-profit legal service agencies ensuring equal access to justice and the courts for all.

When you “click” on ATTORNEY RESOURCES, you will find a page full of resources essential to your everyday practice.

One invaluable resource you may not know is available: the Staff Listing of the Baltimore County Circuit Court. You now have a complete list of Baltimore County Circuit Court Judges’ and Masters’ courtrooms, chambers, staff and other court personnel contact numbers. 

Another link there is to the Maryland State Bar Association’s Courthouse Identification Badge, also known as the “Bar Card.” You can use this badge to bypass security lines in the different courthouses in Maryland, but should check for any local restrictions. As a friendly reminder, the Bar Card expires every three (3) years and the MSBA will not send a notice reminding you of your current badge expiration date. If the badge is confiscated, you will be out of luck for a couple weeks until a new one can be issued!

Court holidays? We have a link!

Video Equipment Rental for trials in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County? Information on what equipment is available, contact, rates, and a “Request for Reservation” form can be found there.

There’s more, but you will need to go to the Attorney Resources to see what is available …