Stated Meeting 2014

T. Wray McCurdy

T. Wray McCurdy

The Baltimore County Bar Association held its Stated Meeting on June 19, 2014 in Courtroom 2, because the Ceremonial Courtroom was under construction. The room was packed with retired and current judges, Executive Committee members and others there to congratulate outgoing BCBA President Judge Phillip Tirabassi on a successful year and witness the passing of the gavel to incoming President T. Wray McCurdy.

In his remarks, Judge Tirabassi highlighted many of the BCBA’s achievements from the past bar year. These included resurrecting the Civics & Law Academy, an educational interactive civics program offered to high school students and balancing the BCBA’s budget to finish the year with a surplus of funds.

Judge Tirabassi was especially pleased to have many young lawyers and law students join the BCBA. He fondly recalled handing out free Starbucks cards at the University of Baltimore School of Law’s student fair last fall to interest students in the BCBA.

He thanked everyone who helped him – from committee chairs to the professionals in the bar office. He gave special thanks to Executive Director Doris Barnes, whose recent back surgery, he joked, was necessary to survive his presidency.

New President McCurdy began his remarks by thanking his home and work families for their unwavering support.

He said he has appointed Administrative Assistant Maxine Morrow as the BCBA’s Social Media Coordinator to increase the BCBA’s visibility on social media. She will be using Twitter and Facebook to share pictures and information. Members are asked to send event pictures to so they can be posted and shared with members.

President McCurdy is also working with The Advocate committee to enhance the BCBA’s new and improved website. 

President McCurdy said he hopes to build on his predecessor’s success and increase the membership of young lawyers and law students in the organization. He has reached out to the University of Maryland School of Law to do an event similar to the one held last year at UB. He has also planned a Star-Spangled Celebration at the Living Classrooms Foundation in downtown Baltimore on September 13, 2014. He scheduled the event downtown in an area where many young lawyers and law students live.

After the meeting was adjourned, most everyone walked over to the Towson Tavern for a happy hour hosted by the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos.

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